Is lemon harmful for us?

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I know, me too. I mean, nothing like fresh citurs and so it took me a long time to even try this. Then I was out of lemon and lime-uh-oh. I thought for sure it would taste nasty and fake but you reconstitute it (or I used dry on bake chips) and it tastes great. Think about requesting the free samples

Snigdha Snigdha

A glass of warm water with lime and honey mixed and had first thing in the morning helps in weight reduction


I use a lemon to make my eyes whiter it cleanses them. just cut the lemon in half and squeeze 1 half in left and other in right. It will hurt at first but then after a few minutes you will feel okay and really awake lie down and place the halfs of lemmon on your eyes (like cucumbers).

Miss World Miss World

lemon and lime is good for you, but just like everythign good, don't over do it. some people get really affected by using too much lemon as it affects the blood flow [yep, weird but it somehow makes the blood sticker and heavier making it difficult to circulate].. this was said to me by a Chinese doctor who was treating me for a neck & back injury. I was actually adviced to stop using lemon for a while and my neck and shoulder pain especially have subsided.. its not bad for you, just use it moderatly.

shantihhh Shantihhh

Lemon juice is very healthy as long as you don't have a certain type of kidney stones. Some sources state that lemons contain unique flavonoid compounds that have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. These may be able to deter cell growth in cancers. Limonins found in lemons could also be anti-carcinogens.

Lemon, raw, without peel
Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy 30 kcal 120 kJ
Carbohydrates 9 g
- Sugars 2.5 g
- Dietary fiber 2.8 g
Fat 0.3 g
Protein 1.1 g
Water 89 g
Vitamin C 53 mg 88%
Citric acid 5 g

Percentages are relative to US
recommendations for adults.

Because of its high Vitamin C content, lemon has been touted in alternative medicine as a tonic for the digestive system, immune system, and skin. There is a belief in Ayurvedic medicine that a cup of hot water with lemon juice in it tonifies and purifies the liver. In a Japanese study into the effects of aromatherapy, lemon essential oil in vapour form has been found to reduce stress.

Lemon juice makes a refreshing drink for all including calorie watchers.


My friend told me that many people detox their body with lemon juice (squeezed lemon, pepper, and some other stuff). I asked if there were any health risks, and she said that her cousin's doctor approved of the concoction. The detoxing lemon juice, supposedly, helps you heal old injuries, scars, and acne.


Is lemon & tequila better than lime? And, gross... tequila is so GROSS!!!!

The Tortilla Guy The Tortilla Guy

It goes well with a shot of Tequila

The Tortilla Guy