Is Lychee juice safe for kidney stone patients?

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pallavi_raj Pallavi_raj


Yes, you can consider lychee completely safe for patients stuck with kidney stones. It has kidney stone dissolving properties that also prevent the recurrence of the disease in future.

The best way to consume the fruit is in the form of raw juice concentrate as it has maximum extractions of valuable nutrients. Let us see on how it actually works as anti-kidney stone fruit juice:

-          It falls under the categoty of low oxalate fruit juices. Oxalate deposition in kidney is the real cause for the formation of kidney stones, which stops the passage of urine and blocks the normal functioning of both urinary bladder and kidney.

-          It also reduces the chances of fibre mass formation in the kidney, another major culprit for the emergence of kidney stones. This is done due to its cleansing property.

-          Lychee juice concentrate is loaded with zinc, selenium and copper, all of which help in easy passage of wastes through urine and maintain your kidney in good health.