Is michelada the healthiest alcoholic drink ?

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The ingredients that go into making michelada are limes, Worcestershire sauce, Valentina hot sauce, sea salt, lager and ice. Along with hot and spicy beer taste, it also has a nice dose of health benefits for you:-

1)   Beer:- Beer is made strictly from cereals like barley and rice that is enough to give you a nice carbohydrate and fibre boost.

2)  Mexican Valentina hot sauce:- It is made from hot chilli peppers. This helps you in losing weight by stopping your food cravings and enhancing your metabolism.

3)  Lime Juice:- You get enough dose of Vitamin C that comes straight from each shot of lime juice in it.

4)  Worcestershire sauce:- It is a heady and healthy blend of garlics, B6 vitamins, molasses and cloves. It thus helps in maintain healthy nervous sytem.

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