Is mojito a healthy alcoholic drink?

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Mojito is a Cuban cocktail made with rum, sugar, lemon juice, mint, and soda water. It is considered a healthy mixed alcoholic drink because of the following:

·     Low alcohol content. It contains only about 10% alcohol in volume. Low level of alcohol is good for the heart, whereas high levels result in just the opposite.

·     Mint. This herb has cleansing effects and is good for the stomach. It also acts as a body coolant and eases skin irritation.

·     Lemon juice. This is rich in vitamin C, which boosts immunity. Potassium in lemon juice helps regulate blood pressure and is good for the nerves.

·     Low-calorie – This depends on how the drink is made. You can completely avoid sugar and use a natural sweetener such as honey to bring down the calories.

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