Is morton salt substitute safe to use and what are the health benefits ?

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People under salt restriction diet are required to thrive on foods that contain less salt and use any safe salt substitute in their meals. Morton salt substitute is considered to be one of the good option for such people. Here goes some of the positive side of consuming this salt alternative:

1) It is very low in both sodium and potassium content. Unlike normal salt, it has reduced amount of potassium and sodium chloride, the compounds that go into making the salt. 

2) Chunk of researches have pointed out that people using this salt substitute complain less about kidney problems, bad cholesterol deposits and spike in blood pressure.

Condition tagged with its use:

The efficacy of Morton salt is shown only when you cut down on foods that are naturally salted like cheese, bacon, tomato ketchups, sauces, processed foods, canned foods and fried chips.