Is onion plus chickpea considered as a superfood combination? If so, may I know why?

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Onions with chickpea is a healthy combination to eat because of the nutrition they offer together. Here is how it benefits you:

·     Vitamin C – Both onion and chickpea are rich in vitamin C. This is very essential to give your body the disease-fighting capacity. It also helps with collagen formation, which is required for healthy young skin.

·     Dietary fiber – Chickpea is rich in fiber and so is onion. They together provide you enough fiber to aid with digestion.

·     Protein – Chickpea is very rich in protein, which is highly essential for cell formation and to help your body to repair itself.

·     Vitamin B6 - This is essential for breaking down your proteins and using them up.

·     Magnesium – This mineral is present in good amounts in chickpea.  It is necessary for regulating over  300 enzymes in your body, all of which perform crucial functions.

So go ahead and make a chickpea salad such as this to derive the superfood benefits.