Is the crenshaw melon good at fighting any disease?

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The Crenshaw melon is a yellowish muskmelon variety with a sweet and spicy taste. It has nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, carbohydrates, and fiber. There is trace amount of iron as well. These nutrients can help you deal with the following conditions:

·     Weak immune system – When your immunity is weak, you will end up contracting more diseases. Vitamin C boosts your immune power and helps you fight infections.

·     Cancer – Vitamin A has abundant cancer-fighting properties. It helps your cells to function well and also aids in bone growth.

·     Digestive illness – Fiber adds bulk to your food and helps it move through the digestive tract without issues. More fiber means less stomach ailments.

·     Fatigue – Carbohydrates help you get energized and get going with your day’s chores.

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