Is the fruit salad with honey, vanilla, and yogurt really healthy?

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Yes, it is definitely. This salad is made with fresh fruits like various berries, banana, orange, and grapes. These fruits along with honey and yogurt give you certain health benefits:

·     Fresh fruits – These are usually rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. Both of these vitamins are essential for good cell health and immunity. The antioxidant benefits from these vitamins protect you from the damage caused by free radicals, including diseases such as cancer, diabetes, or kidney disease.

·     Yogurt – This is a probiotic and contains beneficial bacteria. It promotes favourable flora in the stomach, which aids with digestion and eliminates stomach ailments. This also gives you a good dose of calcium.

·     Honey – This provides an instant boost of energy, thanks to the carbohydrates. It also has antiseptic properties which prevents wound infection and reduces inflammation. Find more health benefits of raw honey here.