Is the tofu jalapeno combination considered as superfood?

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Yes indeed! Tofu and jalapenos contain excellent nutrition. Both put together can bring about significant health benefits. Read on to find out how:

·     Scientists have found that eating a combination of these two can reduce inflammation. Genistein in tofu and capsaicin in jalapeno have properties to bring down inflammation, which can sometimes cause cancer or heart disease.

·     Jalepeno is zero in cholesterol and very low in sodium. Tofu contains less fat and zero cholesterol. These are ideal for keeping the heart healthy.

·     Tofu is rich in iron which is necessary for a good hemoglobin level. It is also rich in calcium, essential for heart function.

·     Jalapeno is extremely rich in vitamin C and complements tofu with its iron absorption capacity.

Therefore, try to pair up these two ingredients in your diet to get all the benefits. Here are some superfoods that cost nothing