Is there anything I should look out for when buying cheshire cheese?

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Cheshire cheese is a crumbly semi-hard English cheese. This can be used in a variety of dishes. Look out for the following points when buying this:

·     Color – It is available in white, red, and blue. Younger Cheshire is white in color and is soft and crumbly. The red version has the same texture and taste as white, except for the addition of vegetable dye for color. Blue variety is produced adding a blue mould to the milk or curd. It is then allowed to age and create blue veins. Decide which one you would want, depending on your need.

·     Age – Texture and flavor will develop with age. You can buy the cheese in different ages.

·     Form – You can purchase it in its whole form or cut.

·     Taste – It has a mild saltiness with a slight tang. See if you can get a sample to taste and see if you like it.

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