Looking for some easy ways to include pomelo in Chinese New Year menu, any idea?

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Chinese believe in the good ending of the preceeding year and welcomes the new year with the fresh burst of good fortune through various lucky food ingredients. Pomelo is the most sought after citrus fruit that is known to symbolize prosperity and richness in the years to follow. This is the reason why they include this fresh cirtus splash in variety of dishes and in umpteen number of ways. Some of the easy tips are:-

1) Pomelo salad:- You need to simply peel off the skin and cut the fruit in equal segments. Now sprinkle over some black salt and any light syrup to make refreshing salad or an appetizing dessert. Look into more tweaked form of this pomelo salad served with prawns.

2) Savory Chinese dish:- Prepare one of this kind by pairing the fresh pomelo segments with fresh herbs and vinaigrette. Serve with drizzled honey over this.

3) Citrus Salsa:- You need to cut the pomelo fruit into julienne strips and serve with fish sauce, hazelnut oil and lemon juice. Refer here for the complete recipe on scallop tartar and citrus salsa.