May I know about some of the health effects of drinking yuanyang?

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Yuanyang is a the popular Chinese beverage with the perfect blend of both tea and coffee. Due to this, you get the goodness of two of the major constituents of tea and coffee namely, theobromine and caffeine.

Health Benefits:

- Theobromine is known to be best natural compound that prevents heart diseases by dilating the blood vessels, so that blood can smoothly flow to the vital organ parts.

- Caffeine is the best stimulant that helps in keeping you alert and reduces the chances of memory loss in old age.


Gourmet Expert Gourmet Expert

Before I tell you the health effects of drinking yuanyang, let me introduce you with the term.  Yuanyang is a popular Chinese beverage that is perfect blend of tea and coffee. It confers an array of health benefits due to the goodness of both tea and coffee constituents. 

Health Benefits:

- Due to 23 percent of theobromine present in yuanyang, it has diuretic ( helps in easy urine passage) property.

- Caffeine content is 40 percent that helps in preventing prostrate cancer in men and also prevents constriction of blood vessels. For your knowledge, constriction of blood vessels is reduced by high level of cholesterol in blood. This is taken care of by the caffeine.

For your knowledge, here is a short comparison between tea, coffee and chocolate.