Should I wash raw meat, poultry, or seafood before cooking it?

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I always wash any meat on one side of the sink and then immediately wash it with hot soapy water. If I wash chicken or pork, I will also spray the sink with bleach water. It just seems to me the right thing to do is wash the surface of any meat and then be mindful of cleaning up the sink and your hands!


when cooking pork steaks, i always wash them off, they have little bits of bone and who knows what else on them!


There must be more to the story than I'm hearing from both the experts and others. If washing does nothing, why does washing remove the smell of chicken or fish? Isn't that smell indicative of contamination, aka bacteria? So when the smell has been washed off, are we to understand that no bacteria has been cleansed from the meat? That logic smells fishy to me! I understand the cross-contamination issue, but I'm not sure I'm buying the washing doesn't do anything argument from the experts.

umaima Umaima is always advisable to wash meat or vegetables for that ,matter before cooking. Even though packaged meat claims to be washed and treated one mush wash it in tap water thorughly before cooking. However, never soak (for long hours) or rigorously wash meat as it tends to loosen up and become tough on cooking.

Washing meat is practiced to ensure any superficial dust or dirt doesnt get into the food and infect it.


ain't no chiken like a clean one

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In India (down south-Kerala), there is a practice to wash raw meat (poultry, red meat) under running water many times. There is also a practice to soak fresh fish in salt as part of the washing and cleaning process. I actually dont know the connection between salt and fish, but I suppose it is to retain freshness as Shanthi suggested. I think its healthy to wash raw food (non-vegetarian) before cooking. Ground meat is always an exception though.

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One of the tricks to washing chicken is to make sure if you do wash the chicken do it with water at least 120 degrees F. this will eliminate some of the organism's on the skin just be sure to wash the entire chicken inside and out. and be sure to wash your hands with an anti bacterial soap so as you don't contract the bacteria which could result in salmonella poisoning, or pink eye

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I always soak seafood in ice cold water with salt to refresh the just from the sea flavour.

Interesting as I always wash poultry, and sometimes other meats.


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Washing raw poultry, beef, pork, lamb, veal, or seafood before cooking is not recommended. Although washing these raw food items may get rid of some of the pathogens, it also allows the pathogens to spread around the kitchen. Cooking these foods to a safe internal temperature destroys any bacteria that may be present. Also, don't forget to wash your hands with hot, soapy water before, in between, and after preparing these foods.