What Are Some Food Safety Tips for Leftovers?

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Food-borne diseases can be avoided by proper food handling. Improper storage of leftover food is often the culprit for these illnesses. Follow these points to ensure that your leftover food is safe to eat:

·     Promptly refrigerate leftover food within 2 hours of cooking, if you plan to eat it within the next couple of days.

·     If you plan to eat it after two days, freezing it would be the best option.

·     Refrigerate or freeze food in small portions. Thus, you can reheat only the portion that you intend to use.

·     Reheat thoroughly before reusing. Stir the food during heating, so that all portions of the food are heated.

·     It is best not to refrigerate or freeze restaurant food for future use.

Here are some more tips on how to store leftovers.

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