What are some of the ways in which I can serve gouda cheese in party?

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Gouda cheese comes directly from its native lands of Netherlands where it is processed and marketed from the city of Gouda. It is made from cow's milk and its taste and texture varies according to its shelf life. Gouda cheese that is less than 6 months old will have creamy texture and buttery taste, while those which are above 6 months gets hard and crumbly. This also affects its serving ways, as the young Gouda cheese is easy to serve than the hard and crumbled old cheese. For your convenience, we have come up with some simple tricks to serve this salty cheese:

1) Before serving make sure to place it room temperature after taking it out of refrigerator.

2) You can pair it with Graham crackers or any other baked crackers to enjoy the taste.

3) Goes very well with any potato recipe, homemade pinto beans and as sprinkles with paprika on salads.

Try out some grilled Gouda sandwiches.