What are the health benefits of Himalayan red rice ?

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Himalayan red rice or Bhutanese red rice is the red rice, short-grain variety grown on Himalayan landscapes. It is recognized with its strong, chewy, and nutty nature. It undergoes minimal processing that includes on the hull removal process. Therefore, it retains the maximum nutrients to boost your health. Some of the top-notch health promoting properties are as follows:-


1) It contains special group of antioxidant called proanthocyanidins. Studies have pointed that this compound helps in combating the symptoms of diabetes, hypertension and hyperglycaemia ( high glucose presence in blood ).

2) People with anaemia ( or lack of blood cells ) should incorporate this rice variety into their diet. It has very good amount of iron that is helpful in building blood and muscle cells. Better transport of oxygen is also ensured because of iron abundance.

3) It lowers the risk of developing diverticulitis, a disease caused due to constipation and lack of fiber diet. Richness of fiber helps in combating this condition

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