What are the health benefits of prairie spy apple?

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This is a red yellow apple variety that is great for baking as well as eating it fresh. All varieties of apples are abundant in nutrition, and so is this variety too. Here are some health benefits you would derive from eating apples:

·     Zero cholesterol and fat – Having nil cholesterol and fat, it brings down the unhealthy cholesterol level in the body. Thus, it is very good for people who have a risk for heart disease.

·     Dietary fiber – Eating a good amount of fiber keeps digestive illness at bay. It enables easy digestion of food.

·     Vitamin C – This performs several roles, including forming healthy collagen for a beautiful skin, protects the body from oxidative damage, promotes healthy bones, and bolsters immunity.

·     Antioxidants – These protect our body from the damage caused by free radicals. These also help prevent cancer.

These health benefits of an apple can keep you hale and healthy for a long time to come.