What are the health benefits of Skyr?

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If you are searching for the best yoghurt, it is skyr from Iceland. Skyr is a favorite Icelandic yoghurt that is actually made by fermenting plain and soft cheese. So, in other words, you can call it fresh-acid-set- cheese as referred in its native land. You can top it with sugar, cream, fruits like blueberry, strawberry and guava to get an interesting appeal with scrumptious taste. Now let us talk about its numerous health benefits:

- Being highly rich in calcium and Vitamin D, it protects you from bone ailments like osteoporosis ( old age bone disease where bones become porous).

- Very healthy recipe as the part of prenatal diet, as it is nourishing for unborn and the mother.

- Healthy snack item for teens and adults for being rich in protein.