What are the health benefits of Soy Isoflavones enzyme supplement ?

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If you are committed to have healthy bone and great going heart, then adapt soy isoflavones in your diet plan. This is especially recommended for post- menopausal women and those who are prone to bone brittleness and fractures. Here are some solid reasons in this support from the studies conducted by researchers from Oregon State University:-

1) It is the most feasible option and alternative for hormone replacement therapy in old women. Soy isoflaone helps in reducing the risk of breast and reproductive organ cancer that is high with the traditional hormonal therapy.

2) The enzyme supplementation reduces the blood clot formation and thereby lowering the risk of artery clogging.

3) It helps in channelizing the minerals and nutrients to heart and brain.

4) Increases the level of high density lipoproteins. These are good cholesterol precursors that help in better cholesterol management.