What are the side effects of wheat germ?

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Wheat germ provides you with daily dose of vital vitamins, but if you happen to be its regular fan, there is a word of caution for you! Excess of wheat germ can load you with high dose of vitamin E that has adverse health effects. Pregnant women are cautioned from taking in too much of wheat germ due to vitamin E content in it.It can lead to abortion and even obstruct the coomon pathways involved in medication. 

Wheat germ is blessed with a staggering amount of omega-6- fats, which is quite healthy fat according to your bodily need. But, in excess this can induce serious inflammatory diseases and even give rise to an auto=immune disease called lupus erythromatos.

Wheat germ has negative impact on your immune system. The allergy causing elements in it can mistakenly identify your own body cells as the foreign ones and induce allergies.