What are the symptoms of artichoke allergy and what is the cure?

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Artichoke is widely eaten in many parts of Europe and Mediterranean regions and thus people from these regions are less likely to show any particular side effects after any artichoke rich diet. However, people who are less exposed to this vegetable bud can manifest several symptoms of allergy. First symptom to appear is of stomach called as gastronomical disorder. It includes flatulence of gas accumulation in the intestine projecting to gut area, vomiting, stimulated acidic environment and painful bowel movement. Next symptoms are mainly seen in the upper respiratory tract, which includes chest tightness and pain, coughing and difficulty in breathing. Artichokes contain an alkaloid called cynarin, this is responsible for normal bile juice secretion. But, in sensitive individuals cynarin can cause over stimulated secretion of bile that finally triggers allergic reactions.

The cure lies in combinational therapy of quercetin and bromelain. This comes in tablet form and is supportive in maintaing better or controlled histamine level. Histamine level if increased can activate allergic reactions.