What are the uses of ascorbyl palmitate ?

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Ascorbyl palmitate or “ Vitamin C Ester”  is the fat or oil of Vitamin C ( also called as ascorbic acid ) that has got widespread uses in flavouring industries, cosmetics, and in food preservation. It is fat-soluble vitamin and thus remains in the body for longer duration to help in cellular antioxidant processes. Here are a few of the versatile uses of ascorbyl palmitate:-

1) As an Antioxidant:- It enters the cell and helps in fatty acid oxidation. It is used in adding antioxidant properties to fruit juices and healthy snacks.

2) As a Drug Flavoring Agent:- It is used in pharmaceutical industries for flavouring and adding color to capsules and tablets.

3) As a Preservative:- It is used as a preservative for vegetable oils, waxes, fragrances and neutral oils.