What are the uses of dandelion leaf ?

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Want to add  heavy nutritional boost to your smoothies, stews, soups and salads? Infuse these with dandelion leaves. Studies have indicated that dandelion leaves are rich source of calcium, iron, proteins and certain minerals. We have dug up some of the highlighted benefits of using dandelion.

1) Improves Body’s Detox System:- With its surplus supply of magnesium, manganese, copper and phosphorus, you get complete freedom from body waste and metabolic toxic materials. It also helps in better colon cleansing mechanism.

2) High Protein Load-:- Dandelion leaves have 14 percent more protein than one can expect in spinach and other green leaf veggies. They are also rich in 9 essential amino acids.

3) Health Ailments Staved Off:- By incorporating dandelion leaves, you keep macular degeneration and skin related problems at bay.


-   As a herbal wine

-    In stir-fries

-    In making healthy fritters

-    For making dandelion tea

-    As a blood purifier in herbal drinks

-    With honey and yogurt as an excellent face pack

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