What are the uses of nuts topping ?

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Nut topping has many versatile uses other than decorating your berry crisps and glazing your strawberry muffins! They are a superb combo of health and taste with lots of fiber and proteins supplemented by them. Some of the best uses you can put nut topping to are-

1)  Fudge Topping:- Create a masterpiece fudge by lavish sprinkling of nuts like walnuts and pistachios. It will add more of complex carbohydrates and required dose of protein for a wholesome fudge treat experience!

2) Blackberry and Apple crisp with Nut Topping:- A welcoming dry dessert idea that can be enjoyed at any time of the season! Pair it with orange lemonade and boost your health with lots of vitamins and nut proteins.

3) Nut Topped Snack Cake:- Snack cake is an ideal tea time stuff that can be generously sprinkled with some nut topping and icing sugar.