What are vegan alternatives for ghee?

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wow since 2000?! long timer! i remember i went vegan as a teen (i had no idea what i was doing) prob arnuod then and the selection of vegan food was NOTHING like it is now i think they only had tofu hot dogs and veggie burgers! that's awesome! <3


i am gluten and dairy free, my hubby is vegan. i suullsfcesy made GFV triple chocolate cuppies this past august for the first time, for both of our birthdays, hence the indulgence. i didn't make them from scratch, i used bobs red mill gf choc cake mix.i substituted banana for the eggs (or you can sub applesauce) but i ALWAYS have had to cook GFV bakery goods almost twice as long to get them to fully cook and stay risen. they rise just fine in normal time, but after i pull them out of the oven after the normal cooking time, they ALWAYS fall with the centers ending in ooey-gooey messes. so, my suggestion is to cook them longer next time also, i think karen is right on the money, it usually takes a mix of GF flours and starch for good GF bakery goods, that's why i bought the mix. betty crocker uses a dedicated facility for their GF mixes, fyi.PS. from one GF'er, that is sooo thoughtful for you to attempt making cuppies your GF friend could eat! even tho they didn't turn out as planned, it really does mean a lot that you did, in fact, try.

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The best vegan alternatives for ghee are olive oil and coconut oil. You can also replace ghee with butter in many recipes. For example, in the making vegetable pulao, if you use butter, the taste will be more enhanced and refined.

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