What diseases can lemon juice fight against?

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Drinking lemon juice is an inexpensive way to good health. Cut down the sugar or add a little salt to avoid sugar spikes. Lemon juice, with its essential nutrients, helps keep the following conditions away:

·     Weak immunity – Vitamin C increases your body’s disease-fighting power. It helps reduce the duration of colds and brings down the symptoms.

·     Wrinkles – Vitamin C also builds collagen, which is necessary for a soft wrinkle-free skin. Vitamin B6 helps in the usage of protein, which is very essential for good skin.

·     Constipation – Fiber provides the bulk to move food through the stomach and aid with digestion. This prevents constipation.

·     Brittle bones – Calcium and vitamin C are known to be essential for bone growth.

·     Anemia – Iron keeps your haemoglobin levels in the normal range and help alleviate anemia.

Here are top 10 health benefits of lemon juice.