What is chufa nut and tell me some of its common uses?

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Chufa nut also called as tiger nut, ground almond, grass nut or rush nut is one of the native grass-like nut species of Spain. It is revered for some of the wonderful health benefits like, helping in hot flushes, being rich in fiber, acting as a stomach coolant and as a wonderful colon cleanser. Mostly, people use it for medicinal purposes because of high nutrient density in it.

- Chufa nut juice is helpful in treating piles and constipation.

-  Chufa nut when mized with sweet almonds and raisins make for some special dip that can be used either as spread or as side dish.

-  It is mixed in the diet of lactating mother to boost their milk production.

- Chufa nut flour is added to various bakery goodies to make healthy snacks.

- Makes for a good grain substitute.

- Added as a flavouring agent to ice creams and beverages.

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