What is Quiche Lorraine?

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Quiche Lorraine usually has bacon and leeks, but it can have any filling. It has a bottom crust made from bread dough. In America, it is made with a puff pastry crust to give it a lighter, fluffier feel. The actual quiche Lorraine contained no meat. To make quiche Lorraine dough is kneaded twice, and left to rest for an hour. The bacons are blanched and drained. The dough is rolled into a pancake, moved to a buttered tart pan pressed to the bottom and the sides, up and over the rim. Then eggs are beaten and salted, and then cream is added to eggs while beating. The butter is sliced and placed on the flat dough, the bacon is placed on top of the butter, pressed to stick it, and then custard is poured over the mixture. The quiche is then cooked at medium heat for nearly 30 minutes, until the custard solidifies.

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