What to serve for christmas dinner ?

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Usually my parents bhuogt sparkilng cider so the kids could look like we had wine but didn't really. Ocassionaly we would get a taste of the real stuff at a wedding or holiday where sparkling cider wasn't available but never a whole glass (until we were in our late teens).


yes! i am German decent and as soon as we could walk,we got a sip of a hard drink,not wine. and it was put in our baby bttole so we could suck it. when i got married and had my own 2 kids,my husband lectured me all the way to my grandmothers house,about how i better not ever let our kids have any.he was out numbered tho,and they both got the traditional sip.i'm glad too,because my grandmother is gone now and nobody has kept that tradition going. this was only done at Christmas.

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Christmas is the most auspicious festival for Christians as they celebrate the birth of Jesus. They decorate their houses very beautifully with Christmas trees and exchange the gifts. They make some delicious food to make this day more memorable. They start with the Christmas cake and end up with having mouth watering dinner. If you want to make your Christmas day more memorable and wonderful, then you can try the foods like apple caramel, chicken masala with Christmas rice, and some chocolate cake as a dessert. Given below is a link where you can search for more delicious recipes:

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