Which is the most unique food from Pakistani Cuisine?

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frutilady Frutilady

Pakistani Cuisine is often overshadowed by its geographically larger neighbor India and is erroneously thought to be same as Indian cuisine. However, although the Punjabi and Sindhi food from Pakistan share quite a few similarities with India, at large the 2 nations have highly different food habits. Beef and lamb meat is the mainstay here, with an ample serving fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

Unlike the popular belief, Punjabi food is just a part of the Pakistani cuisine, the other varieties include, Baloch, Pashtun, Mujaheer, and Kashmiri food.

TO answer your question on which is the most unique Pakistani dish, well that’s quite difficult for almost each dish is unique in its own way. However, I believe Gulab chai or Kashmiri chai which is served during weddings, Jalebi Parantha, and Sripai.