Which is the tasty Paratha?

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9 Answers
perceptiveeye Perceptiveeye

All three are my favorite parathas. If you say to pick from these, I will go for aloo paratha and gobhi paratha.

foodlover Foodlover


just add the word next to tag and see the magic.

Snigdha Snigdha

All these parathas have their own unique taste but among them I prefer the paneer and the aloo paratha.

Nisha Nisha

what about egg parata,laccha parata,matar parata,methi parata,missi parata,palak parata,cabbage parata,mooli parata,malabar parata,chana dal parata,paneer methi parata?there are several kinds of paratas..which all taste equally good.Shall shortly put up the recipes of all the paratas...

jaisika Jaisika

Hey veer I like Shahi Paratha. Can u provide me this recipe. Really this is mouth watering recipe

Huff Huff

lts looks so yummy, I like Aloo Paratha...


Hi,Veerpradeep its lts looks so ysmmy. Can u provide me the recipe of Paneer pratha & Shahi pratha.

Amit Chopra Amit Chopra

These all my favorites

Sarah Sarah

I like Paneer Paratha.