Who is/are your favorite Chef(s)? How has he/she inspired you in cooking?

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Chef Sudhakar N Rao is the only chef in this country who might have inspired and also made careers fo more than 3000 young men of India.His bringing Culinary Arts education to India was the begining where in Indian's started looking for careers in Kitchens.I can say Chef Sudhakar N Rao Directoe Culinary Academy of India is my inspirer and Im thankful
to him for teaching Ice Sculpting and food decoration.



perceptiveeye Perceptiveeye

My mom and my grandma are two persons in my life who has inspired me a lot for cooking. After marriage, I started to learn the basics of cooking. Sanjeev Kapoor and Nita Mehta are two of my favorite chefs whose dishes I love to cook for my family. However, till date I consider myself a naive in cooking and want to learn a lot in cooking.

Hyde Ray Hyde Ray

rachel ray is real good. easy to cook and home like food.

Ganesh Dutta Ganesh Dutta

Vikash khanna, Hari, Vibs, Lauren Groveman, Snigdha, Shanti, Chef lala, Nidhi,.........every chef from ifood.tv

paris221966 Paris221966

There are so many great chefs in the world but I must say my favourite is Anthony Bourdain. He has inspired me to go outside the box and try something different and unique. Something a picky eater would never eat. Sushi and Durian and Pho to name a few. He's a great writer as well.

Other favourite chefs are:
Mario Batali
Gordon Ramsay
Ming Tsai
Martin Yan
Morimoto (Iron Chef)


The Tortilla Guy The Tortilla Guy

Chef Paul Prudhomme
Mario Batali
Alain Ducasse
Daniel Boulud
Chef LaLa
Chef Yvonne
Lidia Bastianich
David Burke
Julia Child
Charlie Palmer
"The Burrito Boy"

Just to name a few..............

The Tortilla Guy

blessy.matty Blessy.matty

My favorite cooks are my Mom(who makes Kerala dishes with a slight modern twist) and Grandmom(who makes authentic Kerala dishes).

But my initial reference guide was Mrs K.M.Mathew's 'The Family Cook Book' which my Mom gifted me for my wedding. Then it was the turn of the cooks who appeared in Malayalam television channels that influenced my cooking style.

My mother-in-law inspired me with her baking expertise. It was then when I tried my hands on baking.

Nigella Lawson with her 'Nigella Bites' helped me to look at baking with such simplicity. Gordon Ramsay's fast way of cooking did inspire me. Anjum Anand's 'Indian Food Made Easy' helped me to try my hands on North Indian and Bengali dishes.

So many ifoodies from the ifood.tv have encouraged me.

But it is my husband's comments on every food I make that has helped me to cook well.

babip Babip

Undoubtedly my favorite is Jaime Oliver(the naked chef)

shantihhh Shantihhh

That is such a difficult question. I first was inspired by my grandmother whom I only saw a couple of times after we moved to California when I was 4 y/o. Then I spent a few weeks with my Great Aunt on their ranch in the Santa Cruz mountains -I was 1 y/o. She taught me to cook good home style things on the wood stove! That was the beginning of my culinary journey, and I was quickly cooking dinner every night for my parents.

I already had a passion for cuisine! I first did some Mexican slanted tastes, then evolved into Indian as I had a friend in 4th grade from India and I loved the tastes. I of course was cooking Italian as my neighbour was Italian/Croatian and I learned to make pasta dough and filled pasta, chicken marinades, etc. from Annie Armanini.

I had a thirst to learn of the world and had many pen friends in various countries and we exchanged recipes while I was in Jr. High School. I actually met some on my first trip to Europe when I was 18. This trip really encouraged my interest in Indian cuisine when in London. I bought Indian ingredients and brought them home.

I think the first TV chef I was watching was The Galloping Gourmet. I learned some fun recipes from that show. I have always enjoyed spices, herbs, and chiles. I began experimenting early on with various combinations.

This passion for cuisine encouraged me to have an ethnic garden of herbs and veggies and that passion continues today. I first tasted Thai food back in the 70's and it was love at first bite and I began my Thai experiments in the kitchen and on my6 family-they love it too. Actually that love is what took us to Thailand for the first time over 20 years ago! I have been learning and cooking Thai ever since.

I love visiting every ethnic market in the San Francisco Bay Area and there are so many! I also always go ingredient shopping no matter where I/we travel! I love to wander local markets and learn from street hawkers, home chefs, to 5 star chefs on every trip!

Some of my favourite chefs include:

Jean-Georges Vongericten (Thai-French Fusion)

Charlie Trotter-he is a genius

Thomas Keller-Napa Valley of the French Laundry and Bucheron-Creative culinary genius!

Rick Bayless love his approach to real Mexican

Mark Miller-awesome Southwest recipes and restaurants-originally in Berkeley, CA

Alice Waters-her Chez Panisse in Berkeley started a revolution first in California, then the rest of the US for using fresh local ingredients-and that quickly became my mantra as well!

Kasma Loha-unchit-long time friend, award winning author and cooking teacher-I learned of the Thai culture and the basis of Thai cooking from her about 22 years ago! He rbooks are still favourites.

Victor Sodsook- author and restaurant chef-owner of the Siamese Princess in LA. Every trip to LA I immediately headed for this amazing spot of Thai culinary delights. I have learned much from his book and him.

Pat Chapman-Curry Club (UK) was an early on inspiration for Indian cuisine. I even used to subscribe to his little magazine years ago.

Pat (Pasquale) Bruno, an old friend in Chicago-taught me so much of making fresh pasta, love his book, Pasta Technica

Sangeeta Bhatnagar for opening the door to Awadhi cuisine to me

Ming Tsai-for his East-West approach to cuisine-fresh flavours plated as an art-form

I could list so many others, but this is turning into a booklet at this point.

Snigdha Snigdha

My first and foremost favorite Cook/Home Chef is my Mom. I feel most of my Indian cooking is an imitation of hers. When I first started out cooking, I consulted and learned from books written by Sanjeev Kapoor and Tarla Dalal and started adding my own variations to different recipes. Also the Internet has been a great source of learning for me. When I want to cook/prepare a certain dish and I have no idea about it, then I simply google for it and that is how I stumbled/came across ifood.tv and the different homechefs/pro chefs here are also among my favorites. When it comes to getting inspired by someone else's cooking...nahhh...that did not happen in my case. I was not inspired by my mom's cooking too! Cooking just happened to me after getting married and coming to the U.S. I discovered myself that I enjoyed cooking and hence the liking grew into an enjoyment, then a hobby and finally a passion.