Why did my deep fried turkey skin turn black?

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Hi Gina,I started eaitng meat after I had a heart attack--I felt kind of cheated that I had tried to be so healthy and it backfired. I don't know if being a vegetarian had anything to do with heart problems, of course, but I went back to eaitng meat, stopped exercising so much and quit a lot of my stressful work and do feel better. I think being a vegetarian is fine--just make sure you get enough iron etc. as red meat seems to be a good source.


Hi Dr. Helen:I'm glad that you feel my pain over PTSLS (post traumatic sirnpg lamb syndrome). I was just being a big wuss about my food, but at least you and I have dignified that attitude and helped me to create an afflicted group status.Where is my Federal set aside program?Notice that my horror at lamb-carnivory didn't drive me to vegetarianism! My father was raised on a farm and has given me grief for years on this subject.My in-laws have gotten me to eat lamb in recent years, but I took the moral high road and ignored the mint jelly, which is clearly a Communist plot.The Spring Lambs story is quite true, even if I could come up with a "Silence of the Spring Lambs" parody.Happy Thanksgiving, again..."Eric Blair"

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Normally turkey turns brown, the average colour obtained when cooked at 350 degrees. It takes around 3 1/2 to 4 minutes for a pound to fry. A whole turkey of about 10 pounds takes 40 minutes. If fried in more heat than this and for a longer duration of time or left unmonitored, the turkey has chances of turning black.

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- what caused my deep fried turkey skin to turn black?

- for what reason did my deep fried turkey skin turn black?