Why Does Spinach Leave a Film on Your Teeth?

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The office that I work in is acluatly looking into a new whitening product. We deal with Zoom as of right now and in the year and half of being there only 1 person was happy with the results of Zoom. I have patients daily asking about Zoom, but don't want to do it once I tell them the price. The patients seem upset that there insurance doesn't pick up the price (Mostly state patients are who we have) The patients that tell me they are doing strips or some other OTC product usually complain of sensitivite or that they are in so much pain and usually these are patients that have not had a cleaning in like 10 years and have many caries needing repair! We tell our patients to get a cleaning first, and and filling done before whitening. We also try to get them to do a custom tray but most will not do that, they want the quick fix, but right after whitening they go outside smoke and down coffee or soda not right!!! So this is great timing We had a rep come in to talk to us about a different whitening product it sounds so much better then Zoom (there is no light!!!) cheaper and we can give our patients package deals with disposable tray to take home or do custom trays. I can not wait to try it!!! I will post again after next week since we will be trying it on a paitent!!!

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Spinach contain oxalic acid which reacts with the calcium in the saliva to create calcium oxalate which is insoluble and forms a layer in your mouth and deposits on teeth.

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