Will eating healthy greens help me fight wrinkles?

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Leafy greens should be a definite part of your diet, owing to the host of benefits they offer. They are extremely nutritious and contain all the essential vitamins and minerals required for your body. These are so good for the skin and can help remove your wrinkles too.

·     Vitamin C – This helps with the formation of collagen, which gives elasticity to the skin. The wrinkles are smoothened out and you have a soft, supple, younger looking skin.

·     Vitamin K – This can reduce dark circles under your eyes.

·     Vitamin E – This has abundance of antioxidants, which prove to be beneficial in many ways, including skin conditions.

·     Vitamin A – Again assists with the formation of healthy skin, removing wrinkles.

·     Vitamin B6- Helps in the usage of protein, which work on producing new cells. This means the older cells are out, and you have a new youthful looking skin.

Here are top 3 ways to eat more greens.