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How to make makoto ginger dressing ?

Answers : 1 | In : Ginger  

makoto ginger dressing is a blend of natural and healthy ingredients for use a...
You need some sort of leavening. Baking pdower can be substituted with other...
Are bell pepper seeds edible ?

Answers : 1 | In : Bell Pepper  

Yes bell pepper seeds are edible. There is no harm in eating the seeds of bell...
Are sweet baby ray's bbq sauces gluten free ?

Answers : 1 | In : BBQ  

Sweet baby ray's bbq sauces are gluten free. To make gluten free Sweet baby ra...
The sprit behind the Langar and food served ?

Answers : 10  

Hi i am teaching the Sikhism faith to my class of year four children (aged 8-9...
Where to buy cinnamon ice cream ?

Answers : 3 | In : Cinnamon  

McCormick and Schmick's restaurants nationwide
How much dry pasta equals cooked pasta ?

Answers : 1 | In : Dry  

According to the National Pasta Association , 8 ounces of uncooked long pasta...
What are the best indian summer drinks?

Answers : 6 | In : Seasonal Drinks  

Thandai and lassi are the best indian summer drinks.
A small white gummy bear smoothie from jamba juice contains around 420 calorie...
What is avocado called in hindi ?

Answers : 1 | In : Avocado  

Avocado is called as butter fruit or makhanphal in Hindi which means butter-...
  Preparing Sugar free Café Vienna Coffee at home is pretty easy ...
Can you freeze watermelon ?

Answers : 1 | In : Watermelon  

Yes, you can freeze watermelon, but it will not be quite edible once defrosted...
Is Chana (Black gram) Lowest Glycemic Index food ?

Answers : 7 | In : Health  

Meat, any meat, has a glycemic index of 0
How long do you parboil ribs before grilling ?

Answers : 1 | In : Grilling  

You could parboil ribs in a shallow pan of water covered in foil at 275 degree...
Can cauliflower cause gas ?

Answers : 1 | In : Cauliflower  

Yes, cauliflower can causes gas. It is very rich in fiber and low in fat.
Is coriander the same as cumin ?

Answers : 1 | In : Coriander  

Coriander and cumin are both different though they have similar medicinal appl...
How to make booster juice smoothies at home ?

Answers : 1 | In : How to Make  

Booster juice is the number one chain of smoothies in Canada. They make some s...
How do i store iced souffle?

Answers : 1 | In : Food Science  

You can store iced souffle in a freezer. It will last up to 3 days. It is alwa...
I bought a metal temp gauge for the convection 100 celcies, but it cannot be u...
How to cook banana squash ?

Answers : 1 | In : Banana  

Banana squash can be prepared in many ways. It can be prepared vegetarian or n...
How to cook a spoon roast beef ?

Answers : 1 | In : Beef  

Cooking spoon roast beef requires to follow certain steps. Spoon roast is name...
How long do you boil italian sausage ?

Answers : 2 | In : Boil  

you are all nuts...not long enough...im italian..not how mama taught me...
How to make cheese with almond milk ?

Answers : 1 | In : Ingredients & Groceries  

Making almond milk cheese is quite a task but the result is worth it. The proc...
How to cook canned corn ?

Answers : 1 | In : Canned  

You can cook canned corn either in a microwave or in a pot on the stove. You c...
How to pickle cayenne peppers ?

Answers : 1 | In : Pickled  

Cayenne peppers are easy to pickle at home. For this you will need cayenne pep...
How to steam shrimp ?

Answers : 1 | In : Shrimp  

Shrimp is considered to be a favourite party food. Here are simple steps given...
How to reheat fried chicken ?

Answers : 1 | In : Fried  

Reheating of fried chicken involves following steps:- Preheat oven 350, place...
How to ripen pears when picked early ?

Answers : 1 | In : Pears  

When pears are picked before time, they need to be wrapped individually in pap...
How to reduce the sourness of tamarind in curry ?

Answers : 1 | In : Tamarind  

To reduce the sourness of tamarind in a curry, try adding cream, or some sort ...
How do you know cauliflower is bad ?

Answers : 1 | In : Cauliflower  

Cauliflower will get soft and black on some areas when it becomes bad. You can...
When does the panera bread in temecula open?

Answers : 2 | In : Panera  

Panera bread is going to open on September 21st 2010 in Temecula.
Is watermelon fattening ?

Answers : 1 | In : Watermelon  

No, watermelon is not fattening. Watermelon has high calories but it is not fa...
What time does panera bread close ?

Answers : 1 | In : Panera  

Panera bread closes by 10PM except on Sundays. Here are the timing details of ...
How to make jam in crockpot ?

Answers : 1 | In : Crockpot  

Jam is traditionally made from cooking methods such as boiling or steaming. It...
How to make taco bell pepper jack sauce ?

Answers : 1 | In : Bell Pepper  

Taco bell pepper jack sauce is a delicious food as well as not difficult to ma...
How many calories in cognac ?

Answers : 1 | In : Cognac  

Cognac is rich in calories. Typically a one ounce serving of cognac contains 6...
Do you refrigerate cabernet sauvignon ?

Answers : 1 | In : Cabernet Sauvignon  

Yes you can refrigerate cabernet sauvignon. It is generally good to serve red ...
Chinese vs Mexican vs Italian ?

Answers : 7  

I would go for chinese
How to tell if a coconut is ripe ?

Answers : 2 | In : Coconut  

i cracked open the cocnut and water came out not milk. And it does not tast go...
What do french people eat for breakfast ?

Answers : 2 | In : French Cooking  

tartin bread and butter
How to preserve beetroot ?

Answers : 1 | In : Beetroot  

The best way to preserve the beetroot is to place the beetroot in a vinegar li...
Where to buy coconut syrup ?

Answers : 1 | In : Coconut  

  Why do you want to buy coconut syrup when you can make it at home? &n...
Defrosting in cold water is fat and safe. It adheres to restaurant guidelines...
How to make cinnamon powder ?

Answers : 1 | In : Cinnamon  

Cinnamon powder is made by fine grinding cinnamon sticks in a food processor o...
What to serve with grilled shrimp ?

Answers : 1 | In : Grilled  

Side dish to be served with grilled shrimp can be bacon-wrapped asparagus or g...
How to peel pears for canning ?

Answers : 1 | In : Canned  

Pears are the sweet fruit which can be canned easily for a later use in future...
How to pickle serrano peppers ?

Answers : 1 | In : Pickled  

Pickled Serrano Peppers, also known as Sport peppers, are prepared by placing ...
Are women chefs more memorable than men?

Answers : 6 | In : Food Fun  

Is that even a questions. Absolutely yes.
Where can i buy super bock beer ?

Answers : 1 | In : Bock  

You can buy super bock beer in Portugal, also marketed in other countries incl...
How to get a thick batter when deep frying ?

Answers : 4 | In : Deep Frying  

Laura,You are amazingly bnilliart as always! Love receiving your actionship ev...