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How to cook red lentils ?

Answers : 1 | In : Lentils  

Lentils, also called as daal, are a traditional dish eaten in the Indian subco...
Are red jalapenos hotter than green ?

Answers : 2 | In : Jalapenos  

I ate 2 red jalapeno pepper today and they taste like a bell pepper. Red jala...
How many calories in broccoli and cheese quiche?

Answers : 2 | In : Broccoli  

There are around 460 calories for a 170 gram serving of broccoli and cheese qu...
How to make cream-style corn with canned corn ?

Answers : 2 | In : Canned  

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How to chop almonds ?

Answers : 1 | In : Chop  

There are many ways to cut an almond. They may be minced, cut into small piece...
Are chickpeas fattening ?

Answers : 1 | In : Chickpeas  

No, chickpeas are not fattening. They are good source of nutrition. It is cons...
How to make basted eggs?

Answers : 1 | In : Basted  

Basted eggs can be made from eggs, spices, and butter or oil. The only spice u...
How to make no sugar ice cream?

Answers : 1 | In : American Cooking  

Making no sugar ice cream is same as the normal ice cream, but for the differe...
Where to buy mcewan's scotch ale ?

Answers : 1 | In : Scotch  

McEwan's is a brand of beer brewed at the Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh, Sco...
How to steam broccoli without a steamer ?

Answers : 1 | In : Steam  

To steam broccoli without steamer add about a half cup of water in a pot and ...
How to make chilli flakes ?

Answers : 1 | In : Chilli  

Making chilli flakes at home is an easy task. You can use chilli flakes as a s...
Who invented ice cream?

Answers : 6 | In : American Cooking  

These challenges are fun, aren't they! They make us stcerth and look for new ...
How to roast garlic on the bbq ?

Answers : 1 | In : BBQ  

To roast garlic on the barbecue wash the garlic, separate them and peeled them...
Name all vodka brands ?

Answers : 1 | In : Vodka  

There are many vodka brands available in the market. The list includes Cooranb...
How long can orange juice sit out unrefrigerated ?

Answers : 1 | In : Orange Juice  

This is dependant on many factors such as temperature and the climate. If the ...
By combining frozen fruit and sugar many desserts may be made. Smoothies or sh...
Can you make caramel from splenda ?

Answers : 2 | In : Caramel  

For caramel, heat 1 1/2 cups splenda in a heavy pan over very low heat. Stir c...
How do you tell if ginger root went bad ?

Answers : 1 | In : Ginger  

Ginger does not spoil easily. If you notice mold growing on the ginger, it has...
What is best brand of frozen meatballs ?

Answers : 1 | In : Frozen  

Tender, soft and delicious meatballs are favorite entries in many of our re...
How long to cook 1.5 lb roast in crock pot ?

Answers : 1 | In : Pot  

You should roast 1.5 lb meat in crock pot on low for at least 8 hours. In case...
How many calories in a boneless pork chop ?

Answers : 1 | In : Chop  

The calorie count in a boneless pork chop depends on the part from where the p...
How to preserve roasted red peppers in oil ?

Answers : 1 | In : Preserved  

Red pepper preserve is a wonderful addition to many dishes. It enhances the ta...
How many calories in chicken fried rice ?

Answers : 1 | In : Fried  

The calorie is a pre-SI metric unit of energy and is commonly used as a unit ...
How long does dry ice last ?

Answers : 2 | In : Dry  

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How many calories in a honey crisp apple ?

Answers : 1 | In : Honey  

The honey crisp apples first became popular in 1960. They were produced in Min...
How many calories in turkey bacon ?

Answers : 2 | In : Bacon  

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How long to precook ribs in oven before grilling ?

Answers : 2 | In : Grilling  

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How to drink chardonnay ?

Answers : 1 | In : Chardonnay  

Chardonnay is a versatile wine and can be served in many ways. Though there is...
What makes broccoli bitter ?

Answers : 1 | In : Broccoli  

Exposure to excess heat makes broccoli bitter. Broccoli develops a palatable t...
Meaning of cake in kannada ?

Answers : 5 | In : Food Trivia  

-I wouldn't worry so much(and i've been doing the igrone/disconnect phone thin...
Video on how to make a rosebuds with buttercream icing ?

Answers : 1 | In : Icing  

Rosebuds made from butter cream icing with pink colour are a treat to the eyes...
How many calories in quiktrip cappuccino ?

Answers : 1 | In : Cappuccino  

There are 150 calories in a quicktrip French Vanilla cappuccino.
How many calories in steamed pork dumplings ?

Answers : 1 | In : Steamed  

The calorie count actually varies for each dumpling.However, each might be con...
Where can i purchase ricardo coconut rum in the u.s. ?

Answers : 1 | In : Rum  

Ricardo coconut rum is made by Todhunter-Mitchell distilleries in the Bahamas....
How do you make tomato basil bread? panera bread recipe ?

Answers : 1 | In : Panera  

To prepare panera tomato basil bread, initially mix yeast in water and prepare...
How to shred carrots ?

Answers : 1 | In : Carrots  

With the help of your shredder, you can shred the carrots. Place your shredder...
When to start dal water for babies?

Answers : 2 | In : Dal  

Dal water can be used for babies even after 4 months. Start 2 tablespoon on th...
How to make a champagne colored icing ?

Answers : 1 | In : Champagne  

Champagne coloured icing is easy to make and is apt for decorating cakes such ...
How to cook frozen cabbage rolls ?

Answers : 1 | In : Frozen  

Frozen cabbage rolls may be defrosted at room temperature before being cooked....
How to make glaze without powdered sugar ?

Answers : 2 | In : Glazed  

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Is cilantro a perennial?

Answers : 1 | In : Cilantro  

Cilantro is an annual and not a perinneal as the plant dies once it yeilds see...
What to serve with stuffed peppers ?

Answers : 1 | In : Stuffed  

There is a wide range of dishes that can be served with stuffed peppers. The m...
How to make cucumber extract ?

Answers : 1 | In : Cucumber  

Cucumber extract is easy to make at home. The cucumber must be washed and peel...
How to make zing zang bloody mary mix recipe ?

Answers : 2 | In : Mixed  

What a riduculas answer.  Look at the ingredients, there are a ton of veg...
How to fry diced potatoes ?

Answers : 1 | In : Diced  

Frying diced potatoes is easy as well as can be a delicious breakfast for your...
How to eat a pepino melon ?

Answers : 1 | In : Melon  

You can eat a pepino melon raw, provided you remove its outer skin. The pepino...
How to make yogurt icing ?

Answers : 1 | In : Icing  

Yogurt icing is a greek side dish. This is a very healthy icing as yogurt is i...
How to make carnitas in a crockpot ?

Answers : 1 | In : Crockpot  

Carnitas is a typical Mexican dish typically made with shredded meat of pork s...
Moscato wine how many calories ?

Answers : 1 | In : Moscato  

The calories in Moscato wine vary with varieties and most of the calories come...
Yellowtail Chardonnay has 114 calories per 6 oz. glass.