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How much flour for chocolate cake?

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What is the qty of the flour?

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How to post a test question?

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Test answer
Why should you use three forks when barbecuing sausages?

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If you prod the raw sausage on the grill with a fork and then use the same one...
Is it wise to buy food items in bulk?

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Am I harming the environment by eating Nutella?

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Why is liquid nitrogen used in cooking?

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Who invented the hamburger?

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How to boil an egg perfectly?

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What is vitamin water?

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Vitamin Water contains a number of vitamins including Vitamins C and a variety...
How to eat a lobster?

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• Break of the tail first by grabbing hold of both the body and tail with tw...
How to make a salad dressing at home from scratch ?

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• Put ingredients at the base of a salad zinger and crush them. The zinger r...
How to get your picky kid to eat properly ?

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• Let him/her look at the cookbook and decide the menu. It will interest the...
How to scoop ice cream that has been frozen solid?

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You will need to keep a scoop and a knife handy. Here is the most effective wa...
Is there an ad-free option for the ifood Roku channel?

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How to make a pan cake ?

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When talking about pancakes as in Indian cuisine, there are many dishes such a...
How can you make brown rice in a slow cooker?

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You can cook brown rice in slow cooker by adding 2:2 ratio of rice and water. ...
How do I upload my videos?

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How do I cook mexico chard ?

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You could make a mexican-style swiss chard by sauteing onions with red pepper ...
You can substitute self raising flour by adding salt and baking powder to your...
Your website is broken. ?

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still broken.
No help from Customer service in a week. ?

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How do I remove a recipe I uploaded ?

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Hello, Could you please share the recipe link you would like to delete? Is th...
Why aren't my videos reviewed yet, after a week?

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Hello, No you need not be a partner to upload videos. But what you can do is ...
I have not heard back about my video submission?

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Hello, Please provide us with the username you used to upload the video along...
How to upload a video to the website?

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Usability -  3.5, Presentation - 3, Setting - 3, Video Quality - 3.5 and ...
Beef patties can be made with leftover meat, potatoes, onions, salt, pepper, a...
Bittersweet chocolate can be used in place of semi sweet chocolate, but you wi...
Cornstarch is used to thicken liquids. However, just as heating is required to...
Can vinegar be used for cleaning kitchen cabinets door?

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Yes definitely. Vinegar is a popular cleaner used around the house, and you ca...
You can try making dry roasted cashews with garlic as per this recipe. You don...
Favorites missing on Windows 8 App. ?

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I've noticed that too. It makes the app much harder to use since I can'...
Sorry Mudgha, as per our editors, we have not received any recipes and none wi...
To make a relish or spread, broil the peppers after smearing some olive oil. M...
I have not received my validation e mail.x ?

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Please provide us with the username used to create the account. We shall check...
Were is my recipe box ?

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If you'd like to access the recipes that you have posted, click on "M...
For 4 cups of nuts, you could add 1 teaspoon of cumin, 1/2 teaspoon of chili p...
Can i submit my recipe on your site ?

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Thanks for showing interest in the website. Copying from your personal blog...
Bavarian cream is made with egg yolks, milk, cream, and gelatin. Due to the na...
There would be a lot of them, and you can get their addresses or websites by s...
What is the process of spring rolls ?

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Here is a sample video of spring rolls for you :)
The recipes you have seen should probably be referring to the Pineapple Cream ...
This is a delicious fried herring that can be served chill as lunch or a snack...
What are the advantages of ashwagandha for women?

Answers : 1 | In : Medicinal Food  

Ashwagandha is a plant, which is used to make medicine. It is considered as an...
How does broccoli help in heat stroke?

Answers : 1 | In : Medicinal Food  

Yes, broccoli is highly alkaline in nature and is often recommended to beat th...
How does nut milk help in heat stroke?

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There are certain chemicals present in nut milk that help in decreasing the sk...
Blackberry leaf is used for diarrhea, diabetes and gout. It also is used for a...
Health benefits of rosehip tea are:- - Vitamin C booster - anti-inflammatory...